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家族 - kazoku - family


In case my followers don’t get it yet

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Wind Tower Tokyo Bay (風の塔; kaze no tou)

Hitsujiyama Park (羊山公園; Hitsujiyama Koen)

Otaru (小樽市 Otaru-shi) 

Otaru (小樽市 Otaru-shi) 

Kodo - “way of the fragrance.”

Christmas in Japan (クリスマス)

The Izu peninsula (伊豆半島 Izu-hantō) is a large mountainous peninsula with deeply indented coasts to the west of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of the island of Honshū, Japan. Formerly the eponymous Izu Province, Izu peninsula is now a part of Shizuoka Prefecture. The peninsula has an area of 1,421.24 km² and its estimated population in 2005 was 473,942 persons.